09 May 2016
Tennis Tour Report - Barcelona 2016

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Tennis Tour Report by Rebecca Hurley (Upper 6th)

30 of Queenswood’s tennis players set off for their tour to Barcelona over the first 5 days of the Easter Holidays. It was an early start to get to the airport but the girls overcame it with their excitement and eagerness to play tennis. We were joined by two external coaches from Ace Tennis; Chris and Matt as well as our tennis coaches at Q; Miss Sluter, Miss Still and Miss Singer. When we arrived at Barcelona Airport, it was about an hour coach journey to our hotel. The hotel was great because it had everything on site; 3 pools, 4 paddle tennis courts and Catalunya Tennis Resort which included 12 tennis courts. The girls enjoyed a freezing dip in the non-heated pool, a settling in 2-hour session followed by a lovely meal on the first day.

The next day started with a 2-hour session beginning at 10am. The girls worked on controlling the rhythm of their play and practiced some tactical singles work. They all worked hard and were defiantly ready for a lunch break before training began again at 3pm. This session was for 3 hours improving volleys, smashes and some doubles play. The difference from the morning to the afternoon was huge and many were starting to look like pro’s! After dinner, the girls and coaches were split into teams as Bec and Bainesey presented the Tour Quiz.

Day 3, Queenswood’s students experienced new ways of warming up by using various stations throughout the circuit. It developed agility, footwork, coordination and endurance. The sun was shining and everyone was feeling rather hot but that didn’t stop Q’s enthusiasm when it came to serving. Lunch soon came around and then it was time to recover by the pool. The pool was absolutely freezing but everyone showed determination to get in by jumping (and screaming!).

The penultimate day was Easter Sunday! All the girls were delighted when they each received a chocolate bunny at breakfast from the coaches. Today’s warm up was based on reaction time and speed and involved your partner dropping the ball or 2 when they wanted and the other person had to try and catch it by running in from a couple of metres away. Volleys were practiced with some doubles play against Chris and Matt to finish off the morning. In the afternoon, we set off to do some shopping at a fashion outlet centre followed by a trip to the beach where we had dinner at a wonderful tapas and pizza restaurant.

Girls and coaches were very upset that today was the last day of tour. The last session in the morning had a very big competition element to it. It was Team Argentina vs Team Brazil in a series of doubles and singles matches. From this you could see a massive improvement since the first day of tour, which was very pleasing and proud to see. The last part of the session included an opportunity to win Murray’s racket by returning all different types of shots from Chris and then the last shot had to get in the basket. Unfortunately no one was successful including Miss Sluter after she had about 6 attempts! Before departure to the airport, it was time for presentations. Each player achieved many awards and gifts were presented to the coaches.

On behalf of the girls, we would like to say a huge thank you to all the staff that went on the tour for making it so enjoyable and giving us all this fantastic opportunity to progress in tennis.